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“Hey, Bruce? Why don’t you just… Relax for once? I promise if you seem to be getting to that point, I’ll pull you back, alright?” He went back into his pocket, but this time to retrieve a pair of sunglasses that he slipped on quickly.

Bruce tilted his head to the side before his eyes rolled, lightly nudging away the arm around him. “Yeah yeah. I can give it a shot. And while it may not be a steroid it could easily mess with my heart rate…”

He couldn’t resist that bout of pessimism before he smirked a tiny bit. 

“I should be fine. Guess I should be watching out for you more than for myself, hm?”

"Yeah, exactly! I’m like a little lost puppy without Jarvis and Pepper around telling me what to do." Tony starts to laugh, tugging the other scientist even closer.  "And last I heard, it takes a little more than palpitations to get you to Hulk out.  But you know."

"Either way, I got a penthouse somewhere around here, if we buy a map or something I’m sure we’ll find it.  Then we’ll just call the others and regroup about figuring this whole situation out, alright?"

— Snow Day // Akihiko & Junpei



“You have no reason to be sorry… It’s all on me.”

A breath of air escaped as he listened, but he nuzzled the other’s head where it rested on his shoulder. “I should be sorry though,” he whispered back just as softly. “I probably should’ve said something sooner instead of giving you the silent treatment. I was just—…Alright, I dunno what I was, but I was being stupid.”

He sighed a little, bringing his arms up to circle around the boxer and tug him closer still. “I think ignorin’ each other like this is worse than that fight we had…”

     "I think it’s safe to say we’re both being pretty stupid about it.  Making excuses instead of trying to change things."

     Akihiko sighed, hugging the other as close as he could manage.  He felt like his whole body was curling up on himself.

     "It honestly is.  Because we knew the whole time we could have just stopped but we didn’t.  It wasn’t being stupid really… More like… Stubborn?"

     He finally laughed with his own little joke, picking his head up.  He shifted forward, settling himself in the other’s lap before going back to simply resting his head.

     "Either way, I’m still sorry… Let’s just… Forget all that and start fresh, alright?" He frowned, "At least, give me the chance to redeem myself."

— Snow Day // Akihiko & Junpei




“Seeing as you started it…”

Now his tone had taken on a bit of bitterness and he nearly winced at the sound of it, turning back to see the silveret’s expression and feeling his resolve soften. He hated that look on Akihiko’s face, despised it when others caused it and despised himself when it was him who did so. 

When offered the controller he simply glanced down at it before sighing, pushing it back to the side of the couch before tugging the other down to kiss his cheek. 

“Sorry, I’m being prissy. I just…You know how I get about this sort of stuff. I don’t really blame you for it, but— Gah, I’m not that much of a good life partner if I’m over here bristled about somethin’ like this.” 

     Akihiko sighed a little, turning his head and allowing Junpei to kiss him.  It gave a bit of a flickering of a smile, but he was forced to push it away to stay serious about the whole conversation.  He wanted the attention, but they had to speak on this too.

     "You’re not being prissy.  You’re not even overreacting.  It has been weeks, months since we’ve sit together like this.  And the only reason that is the truth is because everything I usually do has been canceled due to the weather, and not by choice.  It’s… Selfish on my part, to say the least."

     He groaned a little before bringing his head down, simply resting it on the other’s shoulder.  ”I’m so sorry.” He repeated, softer than before.

     "You have no reason to be sorry… It’s all on me."



The sake here is fantastic so… It’s on me, alright?”

—Suddenly affectionate Tony.

Not that Bruce was complaining, not exactly…But he did know his face was heating up a little bit, and he tensed when alcohol was brought up. 

“I…I can’t risk it. The drinking, I mean.”

The poke to his chest made him smile a little though, the closeness welcomed because…well to be frank, he’d been worried about Tony when he hadn’t shown up with the rest of them. Tony had a way of causing him to worry constantly, though. 

     "Look, I’m not really the type to tell someone what they should do with their life, but a single drink isn’t gonna hurt." Tony urged the other forward, and they started to walk.

     It didn’t take them long until they actually found a street he recognized, and the smile on his fight was bright and hopeful.  He took out his cellphone one more time, and with a few taps he…….

     Still didn’t make contact with Jarvis.  He wouldn’t usually admit concern in such a situation, but not having his connection for EVERYTHING, from looking up information to calling on his suit if he needed it was… uneasy.

     "I know that you’re afraid of everything in your life because you think it’s going to turn you into a giant green missile hell bent on ripping through everything it can find but… Alcohol is a depressant, not an Anabolic steroid.”

     He slipped the item back into his pocket, forcing out an exasperated sigh through his nose.

     "Hey, Bruce? Why don’t you just… Relax for once? I promise if you seem to be getting to that point, I’ll pull you back, alright?” He went back into his pocket, but this time to retrieve a pair of sunglasses that he slipped on quickly.



“Looks like we’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way.  So what have you heard so far? These so called weird things? Because to be fair, the world we live in isn’t really ‘normal’ to begin with…”

He sighs, adjusting his glasses before trying to wrack his brain for the exact bits of information he’d found through observation. “This place…It has these weird monsters. Nothing like the aliens we’re used to. And if what I’ve observed is true, these monsters are called Shadows, and they form because of the dark sides of humans…” It was all huge speculation, seeing as he never really saw one himself. “Although they seem to be different depending on what part of Japan you’re in. Yes, this is Japan.”

Tony listened intently, taking in each and every detail.  After a few moments he pulled back out his small computer, starting to type down a small list of notes based on the information Bruce gave him.  He paused on the last note, looking up with a smirk.

"Japan?"  He took a few steps closer, leaning in.  "This doesn’t look like the Japan I’ve been in but… Mm."

After a few long moments of thinking, he started looking around, taking in the scenery.

"Hmm.  Maybe we should find a bar… Sit down and have a drink." He wrapped his arm around the other’s shoulders before another hand came up to poke him softly in the chest.

"The sake here is fantastic so… It’s on me, alright?"